LOOKING BACK: The tornado that ripped through Lake City

Published: Nov. 4, 2021 at 1:22 PM CDT
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LAKE CITY, Minn. (KTTC) -- There have been several tornadoes that have hit our area hard, wiping out buildings and knocking down trees.

An EF0 tornado ravaged Lake City in September, 2019. While some things there are back to normal, there are storm demolished structures that have yet to be replaced.

“Mother Nature you just can’t fight, Mother Nature wins every time,” Tom Marpay said.

Marpay knows this far to well. He lost his vacation home at Marina Point that night.

“Someone had called us and let us know that there have been a storm that came through, we didn’t have any idea that it was gonna be like this,” he said looking at his demolished vacation home.

Marina Point and the downtown area bore the brunt of the storm.

“It was pushing my truck all over the place, I was a little alarmed, I was scared that night,” said Marina Center Boat Mechanic John King.

Things are back to normal for King’s business. He is working on boats as many start to get ready for the summer.

“We have been getting slowly parts back from tornado, from the damaged windshields and tops and such that we are putting back together,” King stated.

While most of the repairs are wrapped up, there is one very expensive piece of infrastructure that still needs work. The tornado’s 80-mile-per-hour winds moved dock 300.

“The dock is actually moved about six feet this way and you can see how its curved, instead of straight,” a boater said.

The city administrator said they were planning to replace the dock in 2021 at a cost of about a million dollars.

Now, when you go to Marina Point, dock 300 is no longer there.

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