Longtime Winona Health physician retiring after 53 years

Updated: Jun. 24, 2022 at 4:30 AM CDT
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WINONA, Minn. (KTTC) – A popular, longtime Winona Health physician is retiring after 53 years of service to the community.

Dr. Andrew Edin is from Pine City, graduated from Yale Medical School, served in the Army in Germany and eventually settled with his wife and four children in Winona.

He started working at Winona Health as an internal medicine physician in 1969.

He was instrumental in establishing treatment for pulmonary conditions. Additionally, over the years, he has placed 800 pacemakers into his patients.

In the mid-1990s, he oversaw drug trials at Winona health and helped bring osteoporosis screening machines to the hospital.

Edin said he focused a large part of his career in recruiting. Including bringing the first female surgeon to Winona Health and the first Black physician.

The 84-year-old physician said even though he will miss his patients terribly, it’s time to move onto the next chapter of his life.

“It’s a real privilege to practice medicine and have people trust you,” Dr. Edin said. “When I came to Winona, I found that patients were so reliable and did as I asked them to do. If you explain it enough and go over it so they understand why you are trying to do things, they are so cooperative, and in the long run, it keeps them alive.”

He said there has never been a day when he’s woken up and dreaded going to work. He said some doctors advise not to get too close patients, but that’s not the case in small towns.

“Eventually, patients become your friends,” he said. “It’s hard to separate the two things. I have so many people who were my patients who I consider them as my friends.”

He has two grandchildren in medical school right now and he regularly gives them advice.

“I try to impress on them that the relationship that you have with your patients is so special and so rewarding,” he said. “It’s such an exhilarating thing to be able to deal with people and help them out.”

Dr. Edin said he plans on hunting, traveling and spending more time with his family during his retirement.

“Winona Health is 128 years old, and Dr. Edin has been a caregiver here for 53 of those years. The impact he has made on families in our community is unparalleled,” Rachelle Schultz, Winona Health president and CEO said. “Winona Health and the Winona community are very fortunate to have had Dr. Edin delivering stellar care to patients. His retirement is certainly bittersweet.”

Dr. Edin said the best advice he can give to people is to find a doctor they can trust.

“Get a doctor, know a doctor,” he said. “I think trying to get your medical care from a “doc in a box,” or keep going back to urgent care where you don’t have continuity of care may be convenient, but it’s not good medical practice.”

There will be a retirement party for Dr. Edin at Winona Clinic, on the first floor at 855 Mankato Avenue in Winona on Saturday from 10a.m.-12p.m.

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