Athlete of the Week: Julia Ogren, John Marshall Rockets

Published: Nov. 13, 2023 at 10:56 PM CST
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“I think more about my times and myself because that’s how you make improvement in swimming,” said sophomore, Julia Ogren.

Ogren did just that at the Section 1AA swim meet.

“I didn’t even know what the pool record was at the time,” recalled Ogren. “I’m not going to lie. I mostly was focusing on my time and myself, but it was exciting that I got to get that record and I’ve never swam at that pool before.”

Ogren set a pool record in the 100 free, but that wasn’t her only record-setting performance. She set the section record for the 200 free last year and remained focused on beating that time coincidentally setting another pool record.

“The section record was my section record so I did know what it was,” mentioned So when I knew I got faster time than last year, I knew that one.”

Ogren is a dream swimmer for first-year coach, Lauren Kalwasinski.

“Seeing times before you get to know her, it’s a little nerve-wracking, but after the first day, all the nerves kind of rushed away,” stated Kalwasinski. “She’s a great kid, and she works hard.”

Now Ogren is shifting focus to her second state swim meet appearance.

“I’m aware of my competition, but it’s just a different vibe I guess,” explained Ogren. “It’s a different -- like circumstances and environment when you swim at state, but I think I’m ready. I’ve done it before, so I think it’ll be good.”

She will be the lone representative of the John Marshall Rockets against the top swimmers in the state.

“She holds her own against all those schools,” ended Kalwasinski. “Yes, we don’t compete like Team Wise, but individually she’s right up there with everybody else. So it’s kind of exciting, and yeah we’re excited to compete for John Marshall.”