125 Live trainer sets out to be oldest fitness instructor in Rochester

Published: Oct. 4, 2023 at 4:01 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – 82-year-old Fred Woolman teaches fitness lessons at 125 Live.

Woolman has been a fitness trainer for 17 years and has been working with 125 Live since 2016.

He says his 85th birthday will be a milestone that would mark his 20th year in his profession.

“I have been a lifelong exerciser. Like I said, for the last 17 years, I worked out probably almost everyday. Either in a class or on my own, because I biked, I used to be a runner, and in winter times I cross-country ski. So, I have my own activities on my own.”

125 Live Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer Fred Woolman

Woolman says one tip for healthy living is to make sure you are moving everyday. He says it’s important to be intentional with what you do.

“The key is you gotta enjoy it. You gotta do the exercising that you will do not that you should do. When they come to my class, I remind them, you don’t have to be here today. Nobody made you come through that door to exercise, and that’s true. Nobody made them. You are here because you chose to be here.”

125 Live Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer Fred Woolman

With the fun atmosphere he provides with music in his classes, 125 Live’s Operation Director Ken Baerg says Woolman’s enthusiasm is admired by everyone.

“Having him around has been amazing because he’s just an inspiration to have around, visiting with everybody, how he’s staying busy and active. And the big thing is, he’s so thorough when we are working with everybody.”

125 Live’s Operation Director Ken Baerg

On top of his fitness classes, Ken Baerg says Woolman offers golf classes in spring.