Two Stewartville kids raise more than $100,000 for new skate park

Published: Aug. 8, 2023 at 5:21 PM CDT
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STEWARTVILLE, Minn. (KTTC) – 14-year-old Parker Campbell and 11-year-old Garrett Colligan from Stewartville raised more than $100,000 to fund for a new skate park.

Stewartville did not have a dedicated place for bikers and skaters to practice their stunts. For the past few years, local kids have been using the skating ramps that were set up on Meadow Park’s old tennis court.

Campbell and Colligan decided to make a change by visiting Stewartville’s city hall.

“They together went up to the city hall and asked, ‘Hey. What do we need to do to get a skate park here?’ And they wanted to show that there was an interest within the city of wanting one.”

Garrett Colligan's Mother Audrey Colligan

Campbell, Colligan, and his friends went around the city gathering signatures approving their dream. They received more than 300 signatures showing the community’s interest in changing the tennis court into a skate park.

“The whole ground was like cracks so it was hard to ride all our tires would get stuck in the crack and we would always like crash.”

Stewartville Middle School Student Garrett Colligan

The Stewartville children and their parents raised over $21,000. On top of this, the kids received the $92,000 Lowe’s Hometown Grant.

The city of Stewartville already planned to make a concrete slab on top of the old tennis court with the children’ efforts.

“The concrete will be poured on August 11th. They were waiting for our skate park equipment that should be here some time early October is what we are expecting. Completely, this project will be done by November 20th.”

City of Stewartville Park & Rec Director Sandra Drees

“We definitely didn’t think we would get this much money this fast, so I am definitely excited.”

Stewartville High School Student Parker Campbell