July Jefferson Award: Brian Moser

Moser served on multiple boards
Moser served on multiple boards(KTTC)
Published: Jul. 27, 2023 at 10:51 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) – Brian Moser is all about getting things done.

“He worked for us, he brought people to us when we needed it, brought funds in when we needed that,” said Bear Creek Services Executive Director Linda Driessen.

Moser works as the Director of Construction and Development for Rochester-based Titan Development and Investments, but even when he’s off the clock, he’s using his skills to help non-profits in the Med City.

“Anything I can use with the expertise I’ve had with my career is what I do,” Moser said. “I find a cause with a need, anybody that needs help.”

Brian served on the Board of Bear Creek Services for nine years. Over that time, he oversaw Bear Creek’s several group homes. Ensuring they would be in the best condition for the people who needed them most.

“Being able to make sure that our houses meet the needs of people as they age and as their physical mobility changes,” Driessen said. “We were able to do that over the period of time that Brian was on the board, and bring our houses to a place where we feel like we can support anybody who wants to be supported.”

Brian is now a board member at the Reading center, the state headquarters for the Dyslexia Institute of Minnesota. He is also helping develop the Law Enforcement Memorial being built at Soldiers Field.

“He’s the fixer,” said Brian’s daughter Alivia Moser. “If you have a problem or a need or a cause or a concern. He’s the first person to go to.”

To Brian, it’s all about helping out wherever it’s needed.

“I don’t find a cause that is personal to me, what I do is I find a cause for a need,” Moser said.