KTTC Through the Years: 2003 - 2012

Updated: Jul. 15, 2023 at 5:15 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – We continue to take a look back at the 70 years at KTTC. From 2003 to 2012 a lot happened in the country and world. From American troops invading Iraq to the Columbia space shuttle disaster to Facebook starting, the early 2000s packed a punch. KTTC had some big local stories as well.

Let’s start in October of 2005. Before he became President or was even running, Barack Obama makes a stop at Mayo Civic Center to help Amy Klobuchar campaign.

In August of 2007, a historic and devastating bridge collapse took place in Minnesota’s biggest city.

KTTC reporter: “It’s an unimaginable situation for the families still missing after the I-35 bridge went crumbling into the Mississippi River. The number of missing, starting at 30 and in one day made it down to 8. Today though, progress is slow.”

13 people died in the collapse. Hundreds were injured.

In 2009 there were some cold days, on one of the coldest, a tragic fire hit Austin’s main street. KTTC had team coverage with multiple reporters at the scene.

Anchors Tom Overlie and Rachel Wick lead the charge from the KTTC anchor desk in studio.

Another tragic story close to home, in June of 2011 in Wabasha County, a former star athlete in Elgin was killed while lying on the road.

Family and friends remember Ross Grobe and shared a tribute with KTTC viewers.

In happier stories, some popular KTTC series kept viewers captivated. In the attached video you can see a former reporter at Frontenac State Park for the ‘On the Road’ segment. Former anchor and reporter Katie Lange also can be seen in the video showing off her golf skills in ‘Par for the Course,’ something KTTC still runs today.

Politics always plays a prominent role in the KTTC viewing area. In August of 2011, Cannon Falls was preparing for a huge visit. President Barack Obama made an appearance in the Southern Minnesota town.

Another video we dug out of the KTTC archives was from Valentine’s Day in 2012. Many Rochester residents were taking a stand, in fact hundreds of couples were across the state of Minnesota. Gay couples went to the courthouse asking for marriage licenses. They were rejected and turned away of course, little did these folks know, three years later gay marriage would be legalized across the country.

There were many stories across this decade, but these are just a few we wanted to share with you again as we look back at 70 years of KTTC Television in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.