Suspect charged with attempted murder upon BCA investigation following stabbing, chase in Mankato Tuesday

The pursuit ended with guns drawn after an officer used a squad car to *ram into the suspect’s vehicle... causing the car to flip over onto its roof.
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Published: May. 31, 2023 at 6:48 AM CDT
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - UPDATE: Suspect Dustin Lee Murilla has been charged with attempted murder during the investigation of a stabbing and a chase after Mankato police used one of their vehicles to stop a suspect vehicle during a pursuit.

Tuesday, May 30, was a long afternoon of chases between Mankato police and suspect Dustin Lee Murilla of Good Thunder.

The passenger during the chase was the victim who has 36 stab wounds.

One witness called police about an assault after Murilla left the home, driving “crazy.”

The witness told police that both Murilla and the victim were using methamphetamine.

A separate driving complaint was called later- matching the suspect’s car.

Police pursued and saw Murilla allegedly driving on sidewalks, running stop signs and lights, going speeds at 70-80 mph near schools and neighborhoods...

But, eventually, authorities halted the vehicle on Goodyear Avenue.

The pursuit ended with guns drawn after an officer used a squad car to *ram into the suspect’s vehicle... causing the car to flip over onto its roof.

With the car at a stop, police surrounded the car and yelled for everyone to exit.

The victim left first... and police saw her covered in blood as she collapsed on the ground.

She was taken to the hospital... where doctors found 36 stab wounds, believed to originate from a knife found in the suspect’s car.

Six of the wounds were life-threatening.

After some time, Murilla left the car and was taken to the hospital, as well.

The B-C-A questioned Murilla at the hospital.

According to charging documents, Murilla answered “yes” when asked if he had caused harm to the victim.

Police learned that the victim was on the phone with another witness during multiple assaults... That witness claims they could hear Murilla threatening and beating the victim.

“We’re continuing to get updates every once and a while,” county attorney Pat McDermott says. “Agents and officers are still working on the case, stuff continues to trickle in but we have to get the complaint done to comply with the 36 and 48-hour rules.”

After police looked through the suspect’s car, they say they found a bloody knife and blood on the ceiling... leading law enforcement to believe that the victim’s injuries happened after the vehicle flipped over.

Murilla, who is 33 years old, faces five felony level offenses, included first & second degree attempted murder, first degree assault, kidnapping, and fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle.

May 30 Latest: At about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, the Mankato Department of Public Safety received a report of a man driving erratically in west Mankato.

At one point, the driver turned down a dead-end road and an officer used his squad car to hit the fleeing vehicle, causing a crash and stopping the driver at the intersection of Goodyear Ave. and Woodhill Court. The driver had minor injuries and is hospitalized. The officer also sustained minor injuries and has been treated and released from a local hospital. A woman who was a passenger in the fleeing vehicle was stabbed multiple times. She suffered life-threatening injuries and is in critical condition. A knife was located at the scene where the vehicle crashed.

The Mankato Police Department asked the BCA to investigate this incident. BCA agents are also investigating the stabbing in connection to this incident.

The BCA says the officer involved was wearing a body camera and the squad car camera was active, both of which captured portions of the incident.

We will have more information relating to the charges Marilla is facing later this evening.