Thomas McElroy still missing, family holds out hope

Thomas McElroy still missing, family holds out hope.
Published: Jan. 24, 2023 at 10:26 PM CST
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – A Rochester family is still searching for their missing son, Thomas McElroy. His family has provided more information about the days leading up to his disappearance and his relationships.

“He was the type of person who would do anything for you. I have to admit he is a great uncle, and he just adores him, and they adore him just as much,” his sister Tracy Tschumper said.

Thomas McElroy’s family says he loves the outdoors and reading, but also keeps a private life.

“He is a jokester but yet he was quiet, very kind and generous, a gentleman,” his mother Candace McElroy said.

The family enjoyed their Christmas together and said he wasn’t showing any signs of odd behavior. Tschumper says she is holding onto those moments.

His mother, Candace, dropped him off at Saint Mary’s hospital to seek treatment for alcohol use on December 26th. Thomas was last seen at approximately four thirty in the morning leaving Saint Mary’s after being discharged against medical advice. He left on foot and headed north on eleventh avenue with only a t-shirt, pants, shoes, and a thin hospital blanket. His mother believes he only had about thirty dollars cash on him.

“We don’t really think he went that far; we think he went to the residential area and was just looking for somewhere to get warm. No cameras picked him up downtown and he wasn’t dressed for the weather,” Candace McElroy said.

The family and Rochester police department have canvassed nearby businesses and neighborhoods for security footage. They also formed a search team to check city bus lines, nearby parks, creeks, under bridges and warming houses. RPD has pinged his cell phone, but the last location was at Saint Mary’s at one thirty that morning. His family says his bank accounts have also been inactive.

“There really just is not a lot to go off of unfortunately, and whatever they do get it just doesn’t lead to anything,” Tschumper said.

Tonight, the family is asking the public again to search their properties for Thomas or any of his belongings, thinking he could’ve dropped his phone or wallet along the way.

“He wasn’t in the right state of mind at four thirty in the morning especially when it was five degrees, and he wasn’t properly dressed. That’s why we are asking people to check their properties because maybe he was looking for warmth,” Tschumper said.

Thomas has a girlfriend who has been in contact with his parents.