Athletic Directors make tough calls on sporting events cancellations

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 10:33 PM CST
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ST. CHARLES, Minn. (KTTC) – Given how Thursday’s road conditions improved for the better, St. Charles Athletics Director Scott McCready made the call to have Thursday’s hoops matchup with Rushford Peterson as scheduled.

“We checked in about noon, it looked good, so we went forward with the games,” McCready said.

When it comes to these game time decisions on whether or not to cancel a game, it’s not always an easy decision.

“It’s one thing to be driving a vehicle as well, but then driving a bus, transporting all those kids,” said Dover-Eyota Athletic Director Tim Andring. “As an athletic director, that’s one of my biggest concerns.”

Just down the road from St. Charles, Andring decided to cancel school athletics Thursday, taking into account the safety of parents, students, and the athletes traveling to the games.

“We have a lot of roads where people are out in the country, and they will have to try to get here as well,” said Andring.

Once games are called, it’s onto the next obstacle which is rescheduling. Rescheduling starts with ADs taking out a calendar and circling dates that line up for both teams. However, the most important part is finding officials.

“Most importantly, you need officials. tomorrow night seems like a great makeup night except there are no officials available,” McCready said.

Both ADs mentioned that Southeast Minnesota is in need of more referees overall, whose safety must also be taken into account on days with poor driving conditions. Andring is also a referee and would have been officiating in Le Roy Thursday evening.

“If you show up ten minutes before the game is supposed to start, so be it,” Andring said.

If the dates don’t align for all parties, sectional playoffs cannot be pushed back, and some teams may play fewer games.

“If you run up against the end of the season, you run out of time, there’s nothing you can do. Maybe you don’t get to all 26 games,” McCready said.