More than 100 animals removed from Wisconsin home

Published: Dec. 13, 2022 at 7:57 AM CST
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MILWAUKEE (WTMJ) - More than a hundred animals in Milwaukee are looking for a permanent home after they were removed from a house with unsafe living conditions.

The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission was called to take in 112 animals from a single home over the weekend.

Now, workers are focused on getting many of them to the right organization where they can thrive.

“There was just animals everywhere,” Karen Sparapani, the executive director of the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. “And it was very unusual in the aspect that it was so many different kinds of animals.”

Sparapani, who is also a humane officer, said among the animals seized were parrots, a goat, alligators and dogs.

“They were friendly, socialized, they’re all placeable and that’s not typical with the traditional type of case,” Sparapani said.

Milwaukee police called her team during an animal cruelty investigation at a home. Sparapani said the living conditions were poor and they found some dead animals at the house.

However, it still appeared the owner cared for the animals.

“Understand your home is not a great place for large quantities of animals. It just isn’t,” Sparapani said.

The home is boarded up now, with a notice on the door from the city that the home is unfit to live in and cited unsanitary conditions.

Milwaukee police took a 46-year-old man into custody in connection to the case. The district attorney is reviewing potential charges.

There is no word yet on the man’s identity or how he collected all those different animals.