Four catalytic converters stolen from ABC, dozens of individuals with disabilities impacted

Monday morning, Ability Building Community staff found four of its buses missing catalytic...
Monday morning, Ability Building Community staff found four of its buses missing catalytic converters.(Free to Use)
Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 4:58 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) –A thief displaced dozens of individuals with disabilities, after cutting several catalytic converters out of Ability Building Community earlier this week.

Monday morning, ABC staff found that four catalytic converters were taken from its buses. According to the organization, it’s impacting 40 individuals with disabilities that they serve from getting to work, or other activities.

“Without ABC vans, I don’t know how a lot of us would get to work. We would have to use a different type of transportation and probably have to pay for it,” one individual who utilizes the buses told KTTC.

ABC isn’t a new victim to the crime. Staff member, Krystal Heim, said they’ve dealt with this type of theft multiple times in the past.

“We transport folks with mobility issues that have wheelchairs all on these buses. All of the individuals on the buses were impacted. Some weren’t able to get to work, some were rerouted. Some schedules were changed,” she said. “The drivers are obviously very frustrated. This is their everyday work, and they weren’t able to transport the folks they love.”

Heim said ABC has replaced two of the catalytic converters, but they are still down two buses.

“The biggest thing is that these thieves are impacting ABC as a whole, but they are mainly impacting individuals served with disabilities,” Heim said.