Newly founded Minnesota coalition campaign hosts launch party in Rochester

Published: Aug. 7, 2022 at 9:28 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – In Rochester on Sunday, a voting rights coalition campaign made its presence felt.

“We believe that it’s critical to have people from every corner of this state invested in the fight for democracy,” said We Choose Us Campaign Director Lilly Sasse.

We Choose Us was founded earlier this year, but the statewide organization has already left a mark on the Med City. On Sunday, local leaders, such as lawmakers, spoke at their launch party at Rochester’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

“It’s really important for people who care about democracy, who believe that we are stronger as a multiracial society,” said Rep. Tina Liebling (DFL-Rochester).

We Choose Us has teamed up with several grassroots organizations and advocacy groups across Minnesota, with the goal helping break down barriers for democracy, especially for those in underrepresented communities.

“A lot of people my age would like to vote, are able to vote, and are even registered, but they just kinda need that push,” said MN MVMT member Huda Abbadi.

One of the speakers was Salah Mohamed, an organizer for ISAIAH’s Muslim Coalition. Mohamed says he’s been profiled for around a decade whenever he returns to the United States from abroad, in spite of having a US Passport.

“I feel like I’m a criminal every time I step out of the airplane,” Mohamed said. “Being able to freely travel, that is what the constitution grants me as a US citizen.”

He views ensuring more Minnesotans show up to the polls as a way to fix these policies.

“We are the most powerful as citizens. We are the ones who grant these people these positions, and we are the ones who can take it away,” Mohamed said.

Which is a message that We Choose Us leaders are also rallying behind.

“We need to have a fair fight, we need to have rules in place so that everyone can make their voices heard,” Sasse said.

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