Hemp sellers adjust to new THC sales law

Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 10:55 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Minnesota businesses that sell Industrial Hemp-derived THC products are adjusting to a new state law.

On July 1, a new law said businesses could sell edible THC products that contain 5mg of THC per serving and 50mg of THC per package.

“That’s the new Delta 9, 5-milligram gummies,” said Ted Galaty, the owner of Willow’s Keep Farm & Hemp Maze Owner, in Zumbrota.

He was pointing to a display of his new product.

CBD Centers in Rochester also added products to comply with the new rule.

“It’s been very very great. We’ve had a lot of new customers come in asking new questions,” said Andrea Fergoso, CBD Centers Miracle Mile, general manager.

Minnesota has previously allowed the sale of THC in edible products as long as the cannabis compound is less than 0.3 percent.

However, the new law regulates products that businesses previously sold.

“Any kind of products that’s a smokable Delta 8 THC, or Delta 10 THC, or THC-O those will be taken off the shelf. Any gummies that are above 5 milligrams will no longer be able to be sold,” Galaty said.

“We did have a few products that we did kind of pull off the shelf essentially was too much in milligram dosage,” Fregoso said.

The breakdown:

USDA Marijuana and industrial hemp are different varieties of the same plant species, which is Cannabis sativa.

Marijuana can contain at least three percent of THC.

Minnesota law has recognized cannabis with 0.3 % or less THC as Industrial Hemp, which is legal in the state.

THC is the component that enables people to get high.

Some hemp producers and sellers believe the new Minnesotan law creates a burden for some sellers.

“I’m working with businesses in Wisconsin to continue to have these products, and I’ll just sell them in Wisconsin right over the state line. So it’s frustrating in that sense, because if you’re a small mom and pop, and you’re running a CBD store and half of your income is on these products that all of a sudden you can’t sell, what do you do?” Galaty said.

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