Abukar sentenced to 166 months for second-degree murder without intent

Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 2:06 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Muhidin Abukar has been sentenced to 166 months, about 14 years, for second-degree murder without intent for the 2019 death of Garad Roble.

At the beginning of the sentencing, Abukar, 33, wanted to withdraw his guilty plea but the State disagreed and Judge Haynes denied the motion. He later withdrew his request to withdraw the guilty plea knowing the judge was going to continue sentencing.

During the sentencing, the victim advocate read Roble’s mother’s victim impact statement. The statement talked about Roble’s interests, his personality and how much his mother misses him.

Abukar interrupted the reading of the statement and Judge Haynes threatened to hold him in contempt.

His attorney Paul Applebaum says he was surprised to hear the outburst.

Muhudin Abukar is sentenced to nearly 14 years for the 2019 death of Garad Roble.

“That wasn’t the person that I had experienced for three years and so I’ll just attribute to just the emotions of the moment. He got his deal. He’s going to go to prison, serve the rest of his sentence which isn’t must time and hopefully he’ll move on with his life and put the pieces back together,” he said.

In May, Abukar pleaded guilty to second-degree murder without intent while committing a felony shortly before his trial was set to begin. The plea agreement was 166 months.

Since Abukar took the plea deal he did not get max sentence, which was 40 years.

Abukar will spend two thirds of his sentence in prison and the last third under supervised parole.

Abukar had a mistrial in December 2021 after the jury could not come to a conclusion to convict him of aiding and abetting second degree murder.

The prosecutor County Attorney Mark Ostrem says while he hopes Roble’s family can get some sort of closure, the sentence isn’t nearly as long as the state would have pursued if the case went to another trial.

Muhudin Abukar is sentenced to nearly 14 years for the 2019 death of Garad Roble.

“There’s nothing that could possibly make anybody happy. Obviously I think we got an understanding of that even Mr. Abukar was not tremendously happy to be going back to prison, but it certainly was a significantly shorter amount of time then he could have faced had we’d actually gone to trial and been successful,” he said,

Abukar and Ayub Iman, 25, of Rochester, both had been charged in the death of Roble.

Earlier this month, Iman was sentenced to 326 months, which is a little more than 27 years, for second-degree murder aiding and abetting for the 2019 death of Roble.

Abukar is serving less time for a more serious crime, because he pleaded guilty and took a plea deal versus Iman who pleaded not guilty but was found guilty in court in April.

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