Ayub Iman sentenced to 27 years for second-degree murder aiding and abetting

Ayub Iman
Ayub Iman(KTTC)
Published: Jun. 2, 2022 at 4:42 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Ayub Iman has been sentenced to 326 months, which is a little more than 27 years, for second-degree murder aiding and abetting for the 2019 death of Garad Roble.

Iman was found guilty in April for second-degree murder aiding and abetting after the prosecution proved Iman’s phone was at the scene of the crime the night of the murder. The prosecution said Iman didn’t try to stop the murder from happening and didn’t call the police which is why he was found guilty of aiding and abetting.

Roble was shot 11 times.

Victim impact statements were read, one was written by Roble’s mother, as well as another family member.

Roble’s mother said she is tormented by the way her son died, and that she has had many sleepless nights since his death.

She also said Roble was kind, generous, friendly, and loved by many people.

Another family member of Roble’s, said Iman planned to murder Roble and that Roble got a fate that he did not deserve.

Sentencing took place at the Olmsted County Government Center.

Iman did speak to the court before sentencing. He gave his condolences to Roble’s family. He also said he did not kill or aid and abet in Roble’s murder.

Before sentencing, Iman’s attorney asked for a new trial. His motion for a new trial was past the deadline to submit one. The defense claims new evidence surfaced in a jailhouse phone call between Muhidin Abukar (co-defendant) and another person that could prove Iman’s innocence.

However, judge Christina Stevens denied that motion for a new trial.

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