Several cars, roofs damaged from Thursday’s weather

Published: May. 19, 2022 at 10:55 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Rain and hail came down hard most of the day Thursday, and for some like Rochester resident Nathan Tetrick, the storm wasn’t harmless.

“I could just hear all the banging and stuff from the hail on the glass and the roof of our school,” said Rochester resident Nathan Tetrick. “I was more worried about my car because I just got it recently.”

Nathan was at school when the storm hit, and his car now has multiple dents in it, as does his parents’.

“I haven’t seen hail that big ever in my life,” said Tetrick.

Some in his neighborhood were even less lucky, as one resident had contractors look at his roof earlier in the day.

“We haven’t had any calls from our customers yet and we haven’t had any hail damage here,” said Samir Nukic, owner of Northgate Imports.

Businesses, especially the farther north in town you got, were a little luckier. Other car dealers told us that past hail storms cost them north of $100,000.

“There are some shields that you can buy online that you can put over your car to cover it from hail, and it’s kind of hard to avoid hail,” said Nukic.

Northgate Imports says it’s been lucky, but says hail is hard to avoid when you don’t have a garage, and filing claims for each damaged car in that hypothetical situation for their business would be costly

“We would have to just make a claim, just like everyone else, then it would come out and then it would be a claim per car, I believe, so it would get a little spendy,” said Nukic.

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