MN U.S. Dist. 1 Special Primary: Warren Lee Anderson

Published: May. 17, 2022 at 2:28 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – As the race for Minnesota’s First congressional district draws closer, we are continuing to get to know each of the 17 candidates who remain in the running for the rest of the late Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s seat in Washington D.C.

You may recall his passing earlier this year.

The elected candidate would hold office for three months to fill the remainder of the term.

One of those candidates is Warren Lee Anderson of North Mankato.

“I think I’m the only fiscal conservative running in the democrats,” Anderson said. “Most of the others talk about all of the programs they want to have, which is great, but they don’t show any way of paying for anything.”

After spending nearly 50 years working in retail, Anderson is ready to devote his time fighting for the people of southern Minnesota.

“I’ve done about everything in retail you can imagine, from starting out as a bag boy all the way up to running a convenient store chain,” Anderson said. “I’ve been with the DFL, Farmer-Labor party, since 1972 and I supported McGovern then when I was a senior in high school.”

As someone who retired three years ago, Anderson understands first hand the importance of supporting social security.

“I would like to expand social security so we can put it on a firm financial setting so we’re not worried about eight years down the road that social security is going to have to be cut or they’re going to have to run more deficits,” Anderson said.

Anderson wants to strengthen gun legislation and he supports a woman’s right to have an abortion.

“We have the laws on the books, but we just have to enforce all of them. If someone is going to carry a gun, they need to be licensed for it,” Anderson said. “Other things are, the abortion issue. We shouldn’t have the government involved in saying what is legal and what isn’t when it comes to peoples health. That’s for the doctors and person involved to decide.”

Anderson says the people need a working man in office representing them in Washington.

“We need a working man, someone who’s worked his whole life, to try and get some of these things through,” Anderson said. “We’ve got enough politicians and lawyers in Washington now that don’t seem to get anything done.”

The primary election is on May 24th.

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