Baby formula shortage impacts Southern Minnesota

Published: May. 9, 2022 at 10:38 PM CDT
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Minn. (KTTC) – The national baby formula shortage continues to put parents in a bind.

First-time mother, Shaniqua Moore, said the past few months have been difficult to find the formula her 8-month-old daughter, Maelanah needs.

Since the recall of Similac, my daughter had to get changed to a hypoallergenic formula. She has a pretty bad milk allergy. So since the recall, I’ve been struggling horribly to find it. Sometimes I have to go to five, six stores and I only find one can. One can last for about two days, so it’s been really really hard worrying about trying to feed her,” she said.

She said she’s driven to multiple Rochester stores looking for the right formula.

“They’ll be some in stock, and then I’ll go there and it’s gone,” Moore said.

Some stores have purchase limits.

“I tried to buy seven at one time, and I had to put a couple away. Yep, at Walmart,” Moore said.

Another mother, Grams Niebruegge is having the same issue.

“My struggles started about right when there was a recall in the Similac formula. The formula I was using was the Similac sensitivity which is the orange top. I had to look for an alternative one, which I did find after going through two other types of formula.. then the alternative one is now no longer on the sales floor and I cannot find any of them anywhere... as of right now I have to buy an off-brand for my baby to make him somewhat happy, he’s also very picky with formulas. He doesn’t like any soy formulas and he breaks out from just regular formulas. The sensitive formulas are the best suited for him due to his eczema skin he has,” she said.

Daycare providers are also trying to stay stocked up.

“We always purchase probably eight at a time because we have so many infants that we feed,” said Tricia Fuller, director at St. Charles Childcare.

She said she’s been ordering formula online through Sam’s Club.

“About a month ago we could only purchase two at a time, so I was purchasing quite often,” Fuller said.

When she checked Monday: “It is out of stock so hopefully we’ll see what happens.”

One resource to help families is the Olmsted County Women, Infants, and Children Nutritional Program (WIC).

“We do provide formula for our WIC Families, and if they are struggling to find the formula then we encourage them to call their local agency, and we can help them locate the formula that they need or talk about a substitute that might be helpful for them,” said Wendy O’Leary, Olmsted County WIC Services Manager.

As for Moore, she’s down to her last formula.

“I have one that I just opened up this morning. That’s all I have until I find more,” she said.

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