Austin students pack 11,000 meals for Ukrainian refugees

Published: May. 6, 2022 at 9:51 PM CDT
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Austin students pack 11,000 meals for Ukrainian refugees
Austin students pack 11,000 meals for Ukrainian refugees(KTTC)

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) – 11,880 rice and veggie meals were packed for Ukrainian refugees on Friday.

More than a dozen students along with adult volunteers spent two and half hours at Ellis Middle School packing Kids Against Hunger meals.

The meals are going to Ukrainian refugees that fled to Poland.

Many of the students were a part of the Students Taking A New Direction (STAND) organization.

“It’s people that need meals out there, and not everyone is able to give it to them so it’s nice to be able to be a part of the solution,” said Julie Nesbold a student volunteer.

The student scooped, bagged, and measured the ingredients before the meals were packed into boxes.

“To know that I’m helping people like all the way in another country, another continent I just thought it was a really nice,” said Moo Say, a student volunteer.

In addition, STAND members raised $1,782 to purchase supplies to make the meals.

“I feel really bad that people are getting pushed out of their homes and they’re not able to know where their next meal is coming from and if they’re going to have enough food to eat,” said “Helix Conner, a student volunteer.

The students hope they motivate other people to also lend a hand.

“It only takes a couple of hours to help be a part of the change,” said Nesbold. “If it’s only an hour it’s only an hour and it’s good to be there to help.”

The event was also a partnership with the Austin group, Real Hope for the Hungry.

The meals will get picked up the week of May 16th and then sent to Poland.

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