Student upset with Lourdes High School prom policy

Lourdes High School
Lourdes High School(KTTC)
Published: Apr. 19, 2022 at 11:18 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – A Lourdes High School prom guests policy form said that if students want to bring a guest who doesn’t attend Lourdes, the guest has to be of the opposite sex.

Lourdes Prom Permission Form
Lourdes Prom Permission Form(KTTC)

“While in attendance the student is expected to follow all rights, rules, and regulations established by the Lourdes HighSchool and the Rochester Catholic Schools. All students guest’s MUST be the opposite gender/sex of the Lourdes Student Accompanying them.”

Written on the Lourdes prom permission form

“It’s hurtful,” said a Lourdes senior. “It wasn’t on there before, and suddenly it’s there.”

The student asked to remain anonymous.

She told KTTC that she planned to take a female friend to another school function, but was told they couldn’t go together. Eventually, the school allowed the student and her friend to attend the event.

“Before I think my sister took a friend [to a dance] that she had, and they were just friends, strictly friends, and they went as friends, and all of a sudden it’s not okay,” she said.

Lourdes sent us the following statement:

Lourdes Statement
Lourdes Statement(KTTC)

“The Lourdes High School Prom Guest Permission Form has consistently been required for students wishing to invite guests who do not attend Lourdes as our ability to accommodate all those wishing to attend is limited. The expectation of opposite gender guest invitations has been in place at Lourdes for years and reflects the Catholic values upheld by Rochester Catholic Schools. It was included on the form this year to avoid confusion and be upfront with students before submitting a form. If Lourdes students and parents would like more information, they are encouraged to reach out to school administration.”

Lourdes sent in a statement

The student said she just wanted to attend the dance with her friend and believes the policy is a direct diss against LGBTQIA+ students.

“It’s homophobic. I don’t remember it ever being in place because I remember girls could go with groups of girls to homecoming and prom we could all just go as friends,” she said.

The Lourdes student’s friend said since the two go to separate schools attending prom together allows them to be a part of each other’s high school experience.

“It’s not our choice to be part of different schools and knowing that I’m not allowed to attend their special events like prom especially prom since it’s such a big part of high school. It’s really sad,” said her friend.

The Lourdes student said when she asked a school staff member about the rule she was told, “well rules are rules.”

The Lourdes student handbook under the dance section does not mention anything about a gender or sex requirement for outside guests.

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