Mower County reports great progress as cleanup efforts continue in Taopi

Published: Apr. 19, 2022 at 7:02 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Tuesday marks one week since an EF-2 tornado ripped through the town of Taopi, in southern Minnesota.

The massive amount of clean up is ongoing and the Mower County Emergency Management is sharing some good new.

Emergency management officials are reporting great progress in the effort to improve public safety for the town, which means clear roadways and restored utilities.

Cleanup in Taopi
Cleanup in Taopi(KTTC)

Mower County Emergency Manager Amy Lammey says they plan to start packing up and taking the resources home Wednesday.

She says all of the remaining clean up is considered cosmetic and up to the homeowners.

Lammey estimated at least 10 homes were destroyed due to the tornado and says eight of those homes are expected to be torn down.

She says it has been great to drive down to Taopi every morning and see the improvements made since clean up began.

“It’s a huge relief to see the debris leaving,” Lammey said. “It was a huge relief when the first dumpster left, it’ll be an even bigger relief when the last dumpster leaves. It’s been a great response from all of our agencies, the local people. I mean, you can’t be in southern Minnesota without and not have your locals come and help, and use the resources they have. And the volunteers with their skid loaders and their dump trucks.

No word yet on the total cost of damages.

Cleanup in Taopi
Cleanup in Taopi(KTTC)

Mower County and the City of Taopi want to thank everyone for their help.

“The volunteers, the resources we had have been fabulous to get this done,” Lammey said. “It was an aggressive timeline to do this in less than a week, but I think we’ve accomplished it very well.”

One interesting note, all of the trees that were shredded into wood chips, those wood chips are being sent to poultry farms in Minnesota impacted by the avian flu.

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