Maurice Cain Teaching and Sharing Passion Through Cain’s Development and Skills

Published: Apr. 15, 2022 at 10:50 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – It’s the first thing you notice when you walk into the gym, Maurice Cain’s energy.

“I was always an energy guy when I got out there so just bringing the energy, bringing the passion, bringing the love for what we do,” Maurice Cain said.

A two sport-athlete when he was at Mayo, he’s brings energy everyday to each of his sessions as a skills trainer.

He founded Cain’s Development and Skill in 2019 as the pandemic struck, but also because he knows from personal experience the price athletes have to pay for camps and training.

“I thought to myself I’m working this camp and I might not even have been able to afford this camp myself,” Cain said.

“It just really touched me to do something about that cause we don’t have many places to pick up a ball in the winter time. If we only have one facility in Rochester what are half the kids doing. What are we doing?”

So he took it upon himself, equipment out of his pocket, working two jobs and making time to train kids for free.

“I’m tired. As soon as I get done with work, I’m tired, but the fact that I can just put that aside and just go do what I love to do. Its not better job in the world, no better job in the world to make some one else’s day,” Cain said.

It’s his love and care, that shines through.

“It means a lot to have someone just invested in not only you as a basketball player, but you as a person and wants to see you succeed and do the best in life,” Alex Gyarmaty a Mayo High School student said.

“I want to be just like Maurice even when my career ends. I want to come back to this game and hopefully help kids just like Maurice did,” Mas’ud Ghedi a Mayo High School student said.

That’s why through everything he continues to show up, to reach his vision for Cain’s Development and Skills.

“Being a resources for the community. People can reach out, bring their kids to safe environment, someone they can trust, someone that they know is going to put their all into their kids not just themselves,” Cain said.

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