Rochester Gymnasts Taking Talents to the National Stage

Published: Apr. 4, 2022 at 11:16 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – At the Rochester Gymnastics Academy, gymnastics is more than a sports.

To understand just ask Frederick Krebs.

“It’s a lifestyle I guess. My life kind of revolves around it,” Frederick Krebs said.

The sports has been his life, Frederick started at three-year’s old. A young age just like his teammates, Tyler Schoenoff.

“Quite young, I’d say maybe like two year’s old,” Schoenoff said.

Joey Buechler.

“Since I was 5 years old so ten years,” Buechler said.

And Henry Krebs.

“I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was 3,” Henry Krebs said.

That time is paying off as they leap onto the national stage.

“It’s been my main goal in gymnastics to make it to nationals. It’ll be fun to see all the different gymnastics because these are like the best people out of the region,” Schoenoff said.

The four of them along with Jared Willkomm qualified for the USA Men’s Developmental Program National Championships.

“I’ve been with these guys for quite a while. We spend four or five sometimes six days a week together, training and its nice to see them accomplish some goals,” Zach Wareham, ROGA Head Coach said.

“I been doing this for over a decade and to see these huge rewards come out of it is just an awesome feeling,” Henry Krebs said.

The program is broken up into levels with 10 the highest where Fredrick competes, nine where the other three are and eight for Jared Willkomm.

For all its been a lot of time spent in ROGA to get here.

“You start just trying to do learn how to do a cartwheel or kick to a handstand. Now I’m doing crazy death-defying things off a metal bar. Sometimes I look back its like how did I get here,” Schoenoff said.

The work though has all been worth it.

“I find it fun and rewarding to learn new skills and practice everyday,” Buechler said.

“It’s what I am, I’m a gymnast and I love this sport,” Henry Krebs said.

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