Athlete of the Week - Natalie Bremer, Lake City Girls Basketball

Published: Feb. 14, 2022 at 11:27 PM CST
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LAKE CITY, Minn. (KTTC) – There aren’t many like Natalie Bremer.

“It’s rare that’s for sure,” Lake City Head Coach Drew Olinger said.

First year head coach Drew Olinger has had the best seat in the house all season and on a Tuesday night in Zumbrota he was front row for something special.

“It came at kind of a weird time two seconds left in the half and I had to waste a timeout, but that’s alright it was a perfect moment for it.”

A perfect moment, as Natalie Bremer became Lake City’s all-time leading scorer girls and boys with 2,308 points and counting.

“It’s unreal, that’s just how I feel about it. Its unreal it doesn’t feel real actually,” Bremer said.

“The fans, they were constantly into the game waiting for that bucket to happen and then all the signs go up cheering.”

A steal and score really was the perfect way for it to happen.

“It’s just me honestly. That’s just exactly what I do and it what I’m kind of known for,” Bremer said.

However, the moment meant more than just setting a record.

“It just shows everything I’ve put in that people haven’t seen. Saying if you work hard things are going to come out good for you and that actually happened,” Bremer said.

“The number one credit is her. It takes a special kid to have that dedication, to have the commitment and that want to be successful and she does those things,” Olinger said.

It was all that hard work that led this achievement, one that’s still hard for Bremer to believe.

I feel like oh you’re just saying that to say that, but no actually being that is I feel like one of my greatest accomplishments and it just gives me a little bit more excitement for the game of basketball,” Bremer said.

Her greatest accomplishment, one that leaves a legacy for little girls across Lake City to follow.

“I love being that role model that they have to see that they don’t have to be under a guys team, that a girls team can be just as good and that they can actually achieve those things and it doesn’t have to be a standard for them.”

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