Superintendent denies rumors of litter boxes in restrooms for students who ‘identify as cats’

Carroll School District Superintendent Casey Burlau denied the litter box rumors in a letter to students and parents. (Source: KCCI)
Published: Feb. 11, 2022 at 3:39 PM CST
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(KCCI) - A school district in Iowa has been hit with rumors saying that students who “identify as cats” are allowed to use litter boxes in the school restrooms.

Carroll School District Superintendent Casey Burlau said it got so bad that he had to send a letter to students and parents on Monday.

“The rumor is that our schools have litter boxes in the restrooms to accommodate individuals who are self-identifying as animals. This is simply and emphatically not true,” Burlau wrote.

The same story has popped up at a few school districts across the country, starting with Midland Public Schools in Michigan in December after a parent brought up concerns about litter boxes in restrooms at a school board meeting.

Midland Public Schools Superintendent Michael E. Sharrow also had to address those rumors, saying they were false.

Iowa State Education Association Director Mary Jane Cobb said the litter box rumors are a right-wing attempt to mock LGBTQ+ restroom equality.

“It’s absurd, and it’s mean-spirited, and it is absolutely not the focus we should be having right now,” Cobb said.

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