Rochester USPS hosts 10th job fair in last six months

More than 25 USPS positions are looking to be filled
The Rochester Postal Service is looking to hire more than 25 entry-level mail carriers.
Published: Jan. 21, 2022 at 6:40 PM CST
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – For months, some Rochester residents have been experiencing mail delays and package shipment issues. USPS says this is because there is too much mail and not enough workers.

The Rochester postal service is trying to solve this problem by hosting job fairs. Friday, the post office on Valleyview Drive had its 10th job fair in the past six months.

The Rochester Postal Service is looking to hire more than 25 entry-level mail carriers. It’s a job in high demand as many Rochester residents say they’re seeing mail delivery delays.

“We’re trying to streamline delivery to our customers as much as possible. Our customers have definitely felt the impact of delivery issues here in Rochester, so we’re trying to bulk up our staffing. We have been doing this since our peak, so we continue to do so to limit the impact on our customers,” Rochester USPS hiring specialist Nicole Hill said.

Rochester resident Edward Nielson is one of the applicants seeking employment from USPS.

“I’ve thought about the postal service in the past, but just never applied here. I saw they had the job fair, so I’d thought I’d try it out,” Nielson said.

Even though many of us may want to stay inside during these cold temperatures, mail carriers have to brave the cold to deliver our mail.

“We’re in Minnesota, so let’s be honest a lot of us are definitely attuned on how to dress for the winter. This is no stranger to anybody, including postal workers,” Hill said.

“I prefer to have one of the driving jobs instead of out walking around, but it is Minnesota and it’s only a few months,” Nielson said.

Despite the cold and the worker shortage, USPS understands the importance of its job to keep all of us connected.

“Carriers touch every single home in the United States, six days a week, and so that’s why we’re doing these events. We need to continue that reliable trusted services that our customers have come to expect with us,” Hill said.

“Everybody needs their mail and it’s a service that everybody uses and everybody needs, so I think it’s gonna be around forever,” Nielson said.

To apply for a USPS position, click here.

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