Local start-up is roasting up Rochester

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 6:17 AM CST
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Colorway Coffee Roasters is roasting and distributing coffee in Rochester. This small company is capitalizing on being one of the few specialty coffee roasters in the city, but with its own interpretation.

“Traceability is a huge tenement to our company so that we are able to source it down not only to the origin, where it’s being grown, so country whether it’s Guatemala, Costa Rica, Columbia, etc. Going down to the region and going down to the farm, and even being able to trace it down to the farmer by name,” said Colorway Coffee Roasters Owner William Forsman.

So, why the name Colorway?

“I think the genesis of that name is that Colorway is very in line with a lot of design concepts. Colorway is used to refer to how colors work together and together create something that is greater than they are apart,” said Forsman.

Forsman says he wants his coffee to be able to compliment what people are doing, whether its a certain part of their lives or a specific project they are working on, and make it even better.

Now, Colorway Coffee Roasters is fully integrated into its sister company, Cafe Steam, who has three locations throughout Rochester.

They are serving up bold and fruitful flavors to residents all over the city.

“It’s awesome being kind of like the first roasting operation like this in Rochester,” said Assistant Roaster Jackson Russell.

According to the local company, its goal for the new year is growth.

Colorway Coffee Roasters says Rochester residents might be able to expect various blends on local grocery shelves sometime in the near future.

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