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people care
Published: Dec. 14, 2021 at 10:42 PM CST
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – We have a lot to be concerned about these days. The pandemic. Social unrest. Surging inflation. It’s enough to stress you out.

But one furry guy in SE Minnesota hopes to put a smile on your face. His name is Yammy Bear, and he’s on a mission to a little more joy--especially in a time of isolation caused by covid. The man behind the Yammy magic is Charles Jackson.

“I like what you said about putting unity in the community. What did you mean by that?” Tom Overlie asks.

Charles Jackson says, “When you don’t have unity in the community it causes separation. and people to judge one another. They don’t get to know one another.” Yammy Bear wants to change that. This year alone, he’s been in 194 cities in Minnesota. Stopping at gas stations. Service Clubs. Anywhere to share his message. “We want to bring joy. A smile. It’s magic.”

“We literally haven’t gone anywhere where at least one person hasn’t said, ‘I needed this today!’ Carol Ann Marie is CJ’s partner and instrumental in bringing Yammy’s message of joy to others. It’s a mission that they personally funded, freely giving of their time and energy. “When God says go.. you go!” And so they have. Unifying people throughout the state..

Charles has recently been named housing liaison with the Community Engagement Response Team, helping to address the housing issues in Rochester. And Yammy will be an important tool to bridge some gaps. “Yammy’s voice, even though it’s voiceless, is growing. He has the capacity to expose people to things they probably don’t have care or compassion for otherwise.”

There’s a magic that happens when Yammy shows up. He may be a voiceless bear, but his actions speak volumes. It’s okay to have fun again. And to re-connect.

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