Does It Work: Mighty Mug

The Mighty Mug says that it will not only keep your drink at your desired temperature, but also prevent them from spilling!
Published: Dec. 9, 2021 at 11:04 PM CST
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Most of us have been there: you’re walking into work with your nice mug of hot coffee, tea or drink of choice, you set it on your desk, knock it over, it spills all over your paperwork and ruins everything on your desk. That’s where this week’s product comes in.

Eric from our sales department offered to help me test out he Mighty Mug. First impressions, it looks like a good quality mug with nice packaging. The Mighty Mug claims to be the mug that won’t tip over, but is still easy to pick up and drink out of.

Eric says he’s notorious for spilling his coffee, “Definitely very clumsy. I’ve been known when I’m working to turn to reach for my mug and hit it instead, and inadvertently resulting in a spill.” I had him reenact that exact scenario: sit at his desk with the Mighty Mug next to him, turn and knock it over...but the mug didn’t budge!

After smacking it with a lot of force, Eric was finally able to get the mug to tip.

“I’m hitting that pretty hard, I’m not just tapping it! A normal person just accidentally hitting it wouldn’t be able to knock it over.”

Based on the strength of the suction on the bottom of the mug, you would assume that it would difficult to pick up to drink out of. However, Eric found that it was pretty simple!

“It’s as easy as picking up my own mug!”

And in testing the lid and turning the mug upside-down, none of the water leaked out. Overall, this mug is definitely worth the $25 sale price.

“It passes the Does It Work test!”

You can find more information on the Mighty Mug here.

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