Customers line up for record store day

Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 6:49 PM CST
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – We all have heard of Black Friday sales, but have you heard of Record Store Day sale?

It’s a day when independent record stores sell popular and rare vinyl records.

“It’s a biannual event that’s for independent record stores, new releases, special low number pressings of colored vinyl. It’s just kind of the big day for record collectors,” Rochester Records Owner Hussien “Huss” Esmailadeh said.

Earlier in the week, Esmailadeh released a list online of all of the new arrivals for record store day. Along with the new arrivals, there are 30,000 records on the front end of the store and over 160,000 in the back.

“Huss here has been awesome because he has everything very streamlined at Rochester Records. Black Friday’s pretty fun. So they just open up the doors, take a ticket and we come here and get to select from the exclusive titles that they have and the different just limited editions, different colored vinyl. It’s kinda like a candy store for us kids,” Rochester Records customer Brad Strain said.

Strain has been building his record collection for 50 years and now has over 17,000 records of his own. He gave some advice to those looking to start their own collection.

“Stop in, talk with Huss here. He’s really good at recommending titles or even just going online and just seeing what the popular titles are and you know just checking it out,” Strain said.

Huss said his favorite part of record store day is interacting with the customers.

“The excitement you see in people’s eyes when they say oh my gosh I’ve been looking for that record forever, and I’ve seen a couple people today they already expressed that,” Esmailadeh said.

Many of the records found in Rochester Records actually used to be part of Huss’s personal collection, and he says it can sometimes be hard to see some of them go.

“Sometimes I tear up a little bit to see a good old friend go but I know it’s going on to somebody else to enjoy it,” Esmailadeh said.

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