Phase one of construction complete: Businesses on North Broadway Avenue react

Published: Nov. 22, 2021 at 7:13 PM CST
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – After months of invasive construction, North Broadway Avenue has reopened to traffic from Silver Lake Bridge to Civic Center Drive. This is just phase one of the project.

Businesses along North Broadway are, overall, relieved to see cars on the road again.

Especially after months of taking alley ways and directing customers over the phone.

“It saved us having that alley,” said Thee Only Shoe Repair owner Mike Deroin.

“We had to take them back through Kemps or through the alley of Southpointe just to get to us,” said Land-O-Dreams owner Chad Boehmke.

The road opened up just in time for most businesses on that stretch.

“We’re coming into our busy time this end of the season, winter, hunting season. That is our busiest time,” said Deroin.

“Thanksgiving coming up in a couple days which is always busy for us,” said Great Harvest Bread Co. owner Dan Sweeney.

Some businesses on North Broadway Avenue have occupied the same space for decades, making them used to road construction in some capacity.

“This one was a little more extensive than a lot of the other ones,” said Deroin.

“A tough year and a half, you know, we went from COVID then right into the Broaway construction and this summer really hurt business with Broadway being closed,” said Sweeney.

The construction needed to be done according to all the businesses KTTC spoke with.

“The construction guys and everybody; they did a great job. It looks wonderful. Even though it’s painful I know it had to be done and it really looks good,” Sweeney said.

Phase two of this project will resume in spring 2022. Construction will focus on the alleyways and side streets adjacent to North Broadway.

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