Does It Work: Ricris Electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner

Amanda tests this electronic, portable makeup brush cleaner.
Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 10:35 PM CST
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – This product is for makeup wearers: the Ricris electronic portable makeup brush cleaner. It should clean and dry your makeup brushes in just a few seconds. Personally, I wear makeup every day for work and I usually try to wash my brushes about once per week but honestly it’s something I dread doing. It takes a lot of time and you get water all over your counter, so this product could make that whole process a lot easier.

In preparation for this, I didn’t wash my makeup brushes for two weeks so hoping that the Ricris cleaner would be able to get all of the makeup build up out of them.

To start, I filled the plastic jar about halfway with water and added some of my own makeup brush cleaner. The product comes with multiple sizes of rubber tubes to fit all sizes of makeup brushes, that then attach to the electric wand. I attached one of my brushes to the wand, dipped it into the water, and turned it on.

And the results were very impressive! The wand was more powerful than I expected and really sudsed up the brush. To dry, the direction said to just hover the wand over the water and keep it spinning for about 10 seconds. After doing so, the brush was almost completely dry!

I continued with a few other brushes, and after wiping them on a white towel I could see that a decent amount of makeup was still left on the brush. I repeated the same process again, and saw less but still some makeup leftover.

Even though the wand didn’t get my brushes totally clean on the first try, but I think if you ran your brushes through a few times they would be perfectly clean. Ricris electronic portable brush cleaner, you pass the Does It Work test.

You can find more information on the product here.

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