Athlete of the Week - PEM Bulldogs Football

Published: Nov. 15, 2021 at 11:34 PM CST
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PLAINVIEW, Minn. (KTTC) – The PEM Bulldogs don’t lack bite.

“Gritty, just a bunch of hustlers and just willing to do whatever it takes to win really,” PEM Quarterback Connor McGuire said.

That grittiness had led to a 10-2 record and ticket to U.S Bank Stadium.

“Its pretty awesome, its been a long time since we’ve played in the state tournament, 10 years and we had a team then that we thought could win it, but you know you run into a buzz saw in the first round the eventual champs,” PEM Head Coach Kevin Lamb said.

This year’s team though just might have what it takes, anchored by a dominant defense that is holding opponents to an average of 13 points a game.

“Our defense is an attacking defense, I would say that’s part of our identity. They’ve really become more physical over the course of the season too, both at the line of scrimmage and in the perimeter. Our guys have really become hitters these last few weeks,” Lamb said.

“Its not just one person, that stands out for us, its everybody our whole team is well rounded and we like to play hard and physical. We’re not really scared of anyone,” PEM Tight End Jason Feils said.

That’s not to say the offense can’t ball either. In fact most of the team plays both ways.

“We have a bunch of fast kids, athletic kids, strong kids that are moving and willing to do their job so that other playmakers can do their job,” McGuire said.

What really sets these Bulldogs apart though is that they’re a pack.

“Doesn’t matter what you look like, how you act, what you think, you’re apart of our family, you’re with us. If you’re fighting we’re fighting with you. So you’re always going to be apart of us, our family,” PEM Linebacker Victor Martinez-Sosa.

“(The team) means everything. I don’t know coming through the adversity that we had, people thinking that we weren’t going to be that great of a team and us just coming together. All of us believe that no matter what anybody else said. We came together and rose,” McGuire said.

That believe has gotten them closer to their dream and the goal they’ve had set.

“We just want to, we want to get our name out there. We want PEM to get out there. I think everybody has a little bit of a chip on their shoulder and we want to go win a state championship,” Feils said.

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