Does It Work: TacZoom

Published: Nov. 4, 2021 at 6:10 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – The Bell and Howel TacZoom claims to be a high-performance zoom lens that will clip onto your smartphone, giving you 10-times the zoom power while still producing high-quality images.

Michael Currie, the owner of Southern Touch Photography, has been taking pictures since he was a kid and doing it professionally for the past 14 years.

Even though he’s more accustomed to professional camera equipment, he still had high hopes for the TacZoom.

The 25-dollar product comes with three lenses: wide, fisheye, and telephoto as well as two clamps.

To create a standard, Michael took a photo using the zoom on my phone’s camera.

The first to test was the macro wide lens. This lens didn’t change much except for adding a binocular effect of black edges around the photo.

Next was the fisheye lens, which created the curved, wide look that you would expect for a fisheye effect.

Finally was the telephoto lens. Though the lens increased the zoom capabilities, some of the image quality was lost. Michael said that’s pretty typical for a lens with that much zoom capability.

“With a telephoto lens, you really want to use a tripod. When you’re zoomed in, everything is magnified by your motion and personal shake.”

In Michael’s opinion, the smartphone camera performed better than the TacZoom lenses. It produced clearer images and was still able to maintain the image quality after zooming in. While the TacZoom is still a fun product that might be fun for kids to mess around with, it won’t produce clear, frame-worthy photographs.

TacZoom, you fail the Does It Work test. I contacted Bell and Howell about the TacZoom but did not receive a response.

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