Does It Work: Lint Cleaner Pro

Published: Nov. 4, 2021 at 5:50 PM CDT
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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Especially during the springtime, pet owners know all too well about the hair their pets leave all over their homes. And sometimes the vacuum cleaner just isn’t enough to get all of that fur out of the fabric.

The Lint Cleaner Pro has been advertised all over social media, claiming that it will get all of the hair, lint, and pilling off any fabrics that you have around your home all for less than $15.

The directions for the Lint Cleaner Pro said to very lightly apply pressure and scrape it across the surface. In testing it out, the tool was effective in getting the fur out of the carpet, and I could especially see the improvement on the darker parts of the rug. Initially, I was concerned about the copper teeth shredding my rug, but the product was surprisingly gentle while still pulling up a good amount of hair.

Rugs aren’t the only things that collect pet hair. You can use the product on furniture, carpet, and clothes. It clearly works really well on my rug. It would also work really well on a staircase in the tight crevices.

The Lint Cleaner Pro worked well, it was effective in getting all the hair out of my carpet and it was gentle on the fabric. Another plus to this as compared to a typical lint roller is that it’s a one-time buy. You won’t need to keep repurchasing it as you would with a typical paper lint roller.

Lint Cleaner Pro, you pass the Does It Work test!

You can find more information on the product here.

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