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Kerry Klatt

A Mazeppa man and his brush

MAZEPPA, MN (FOX 47) -- In these changing times, it's nice to know one Mazeppa man is doing what he can to hold on to the past.

Mike Meyer owns a small sign shop dedicated to quality craftsmanship.  This weekend, he opened his shop to fellow painters.

This is just a taste of some of Mike Meyer's work, and inside painters from all across the country have come to learn from this signmaker.

His inspiration can come from anywhere.

"What I try to do is take stuff from old magazines, cartoon books," says Meyer.

For more than 30 years, Meyer has been hand crafting old fashioned signs.

"I always knew what I wanted to do. The only three years that I volunteered for the army is the time that I didn't," he says.

A unique talent shared about town, and with new painters, including me.

Meyer is a creature of habit, and doesn't let changing times change the way he works.

"That's what I'm into is the historic part of it, and you can still survive today in it, you can...they still come for my stuff because it's that different look," says Meyer.

Sign makers all across the country signed up for Meyer's weekend workshop. 

"The reason I came out because most of these guys do the older style," says Kevin Lockwood of Michigan.

This is Lockwood's first time working with Meyer.

"Watching somebody do it gives me a place to start where I can go home and practice from there," says Lockwood.

Practice makes perfect, but it will take years to mimic Meyer's classic style. 

"I can do the computer stuff if you want, but it won't look this way, and do you make a million dollars at it? No, these friends that I have and the stuff I'm able to do...I'm the richest guy in the world," explains Meyer.

Even in the digital world, classic signs and old fashioned techniques are still very much alive with groups like the Creative Signmakers of America.

Meyer specializes in logos, vehicle graphics, antique signs, and hand crafted signs.

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