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By Jennifer Hoff

Local students make green in more than one way

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- It's been a long, hard winter and green thumbs are beginning to throb as spring fever takes hold. Some local students are taking a trip to Hawaii - where the horticulture classroom is endless. However, if taking a trip isn't in your budget, those same students will bring the tropics to you.

Plant and flower masterminds are helping you think green, so they can make some green.

Andy Sibley, RCTC Hort student says, "Bring a little joy to people's day, sell some inexpensive plants all for a worthy cause."

Taking a trip to Hawaii might sound more like a vacation, but for some Rochester Community and Technical Horticulture students, it's the ultimate classroom.

Any money raised at Thursday's plant sale will support that trip.

We've seen how big and beautiful the plants can end up, but the real questions is, where do they begin?

Like any major, learning begins in the classroom.

Two-year degree-seeking Hort students, though, don't stick around here for too long.

Mike Cuccuozzi, student says, "They don't just walk out of here with a degree; they walk out with two years of experience as well."

The seven-year-old, five-thousand square foot facility is a state-of-the-art greenhouse, and is where you'll find most of the students.

They care for tropical flowers flown in from Florida, or native plants that will eventually be sold.

Hands-on learning helpful in such fields as a florist or golf course superintendent.

Making green goes beyond George Washington, to a land where plants are plenty and learning is endless.

The students leave March 11 for Hawaii.

Past students have travelled to Arizona and New Mexico to explore horticulture, partly thanks to school fundraising.

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