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DTV Troubleshooting: Q & A with KTTC Engineer Tim Morgan

I. My channel 10 is not working:

  • Are you using an analog or digital receiver? (Refer to owners manual of TV if you are un-sure (look for ATSC sticker on front of TV)
  • If using analog, get a converter box. Call 888-388--2009 to receive a $40 coupon by mail. You can purchase a converter box at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc. 
  • If using converter box proceed to step II.
  • If using a TV with built in digital receiver proceed to step III.

II. Is your converter box installed correctly?

  • Can you see the menu screen of the converter box on your TV that is tuned to channel 3 or channel 4? (Press "menu" or "setup" on remote to confirm.) If not refer to instructions that came with converter box to install correctly to your TV.
  • Confirm that the antenna is connected to antenna input, and output of converter box is going to your TV.
  • If you can see the menu screen on the TV proceed to step III.

III. What type of antenna are you using?

  • You will need a combination UHF / VHF antenna.
  • Combination UHF/VHF antennas will have "V" shaped panels on one end. Refer to Example "A"
  • If using combination UHF/VHF antenna proceed to IV.

IV. Are you using an indoor or outdoor type antenna?

  • Indoor type antennas will only work if you are extremely close to the Ostrander transmitter site, typically less than 5 miles from site.
  • Outdoor type antennas are needed if you live more than 5 miles from the Ostrander transmitter site. The greater the distance from Ostrander the higher quality the antenna needs to be.
  • An antenna pre-amp or amplified antenna might be needed if you live more than 25 miles from the Ostrander transmitter site or have terrain issues (hills, trees)
  • If using a good quality outdoor combination UHF/VHF antenna, proceed to V.

V. Turn the antenna towards Ostrander before proceeding.

  • With the antenna pointed towards Ostrander, perform channel scan.
  • On the converter box or digital TV. Using the remote select the antenna strength meter, (this could be called meter, antenna strength, manual tuning, signal strength, etc)
  • Turn antenna slowly while observing the on-screen meter to get highest results.

VI. After doing these steps you still can't receive KTTC's digital signal:

Click here to email KTTC Chief Engineer Tim Morgan.

Other Various Questions / Answers

Q: How will I be able to receive your channel after Feb. 17?

A:  You will need a newer TV with a digital receiver built in, or a converter box for your analog TV, unless you are on cable or satellite. Number to call for a coupon is 888-388-2009 to receive a $40 coupon by mail. You can purchase the converter box at Wal-Mart or other electronics outlets such as Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc.

Q: Are you full power digital?

A: Yes, we are currently transmitting full power digital for all programming.

Q: My picture is locking up.

A: This is usually caused by a weak signal; adjust antenna using built in signal strength meter in receiver or upgrade antenna / pre-amp.

Q: I have an antenna on my dish that dish network says will work with my converter box?  Why doesn't it work?

A: Is it a combination UHF/VHF antenna? Even if the one on your dish is a combination UHF/VHF antenna, you may still need another one that you can manually turn towards the Ostrander transmitter site until you can receive us. The antenna on the dish is stationary with the dish and can not be turned.

Q: Does my satellite box have built in digital receiver?

A: You will need to refer to your owners manual to be sure. You will need a good quality combination UHF/VHF antenna to go along with it, but you will not need a converter box.  If you are unsure about your satellite box contact your satellite company, and they should be able to tell you if your box has a built in receiver. Remember, you will need a good combination UHF/VHF antenna to pick us up.

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