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Keys to success in lifestyle change

Lifestyle change is an evolutionary process. If a lifestyle was capable of being changed overnight, there would be no need for self-help aisle in the bookstore. Everyone would be well-dressed, self-employed, driven, and the motivation to succeed would be endless. Unfortunately, change takes time and is often too overwhelming for most people to contemplate. It is essential for an individual to begin weaving healthy habits into their life in order to help facilitate lifestyle change. It's not enough for an individual to think about changing problem behaviors they must take immediate action and incorporate behavior change in their daily lives. It is the "doing" that essentially jump starts lifestyle change. Another key factor that helps to insure behavior change is motivation. The individual must feel motivated enough to begin examining their lifestyle tendencies in order for there to be behavioral change.

In order to have a successful lifestyle change the individual needs to take responsibility and become self-reliant. If the individual relies on others for motivation or confidence they are essentially giving up responsibility and control. It is also important to note the difference between a "lifestyle change" and "dieting". Some individuals come to believe they are being proactive and initiating a lifestyle change by crash dieting with 10 days of just water and grapefruit. This is not a lifestyle change. Being able to wake up in the morning and have a positive attitude all the while forgiving yourself for mistakes that you have made- that's a lifestyle change. 

5 Lifestyle Change Strategies

 What will keep you motivated?

  •  The key to lifestyle change is consistency. It is essential that you know where to look for your motivation and consistently refer back to your source if need be.

 It's ok to ask for help.

  •  Adding just one person to your fitness and nutrition goals increases your motivation and offers additional assistance if a problem should ever arise. Group exercise has been proven to produce better results.

Know how to reward good behavior

  • You have been working hard to achieve your goals. Make sure you reward yourself by taking a trip, going to the movies, or going shopping! Never reward yourself with food.

You can overcome setbacks.

  •  A lifestyle change doesn't happen overnight and there is bound to be some setbacks. But it is important to know that you can overcome obstacles and it is not the end of the world when you fall short of a personal goal. It is ok you'll make it up next time!

Refrain from emotional eating.

  •  For many of us emotional eating is a heavy burden when we become depressed, sad, upset, bored, or stressed. It is important to maintain your confidence in yourself and if you feel overwhelmed take a yoga class, relax, and breathe.

It is important to always approach lifestyle change with excitement because it will increase your motivation to stay on track. Give yourself permission to be imperfect and don't expect miracles in the beginning. Be prepared for constant change in you and your emotional state. Lifestyle change is all encompassing and will not only change you physically, but it will change your entire outlook on life. Allow yourself to reach your full potential and make sure to motivate yourself no matter how hard achieving your goals might seem. Stay confident and always believe in yourself.

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.  ~Plato

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