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By Kerry Klatt

Dental clinic offers up smiles with free care

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- A Rochester dental clinic is doing its part to ease the financial burden some parents might be feeling in these tough economic times.

This weekend, Good Samaritan Dental Clinic participated in the national campaign, "Give Kids A Smile."

Many people don't have access for affordable dentistry, but here at the Good Samaritan Health Clinic volunteers are giving their time to cut into that number.

11-year-old Nick Roberts moved to Rochester from Philadelphia with his mother Yvonne Dinane one year ago.  He needed an operation to remove an extra tooth, but money was tight.

The Good Samaritan Dental Clinic, in Rochester, provided the two with dental care, and now weeks later Nick is back for a checkup with volunteer dentist Dr. Tom Sitzer.

"You have good habits now? Like brushing at night before you go to bed and brushing in the morning before you go to school? That's a boy, that's what we like," said Sitzer.

Being new in town, Yvonne says it's a blessing to have the Clinic.

 "I'm just really grateful because sometimes, you know, we're short...we don't have enough money to do things and coming here, and not feeling as if you're begging," said Dinane.

Sitzer offered some brushing advice to Nick who was an outstanding patient, says Sitzer.

Not only does the Good Samaritan Dental Clinic provide dental care, they also have an eye and medical clinic available for low-income patients.

In the last two days, dental volunteers provided free dental care to more than 60 children.

"Give Kids A Smile" was designed to give care to low-income children who would not otherwise have access.

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