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By Crystal Oko

Peanut recall


KTTC-TV -- Food companies all over the United States have announced peanut recalls in connection with a salmonella outbreak.

And even though some companies haven't had reports of illness, they're not taking any chances.

Minnesota-based Kemps has announced a voluntary recall of 18 ice cream products, ice cream that contain peanuts.

Two flavors of ice cream on that recall list, are made at the Kemp's plant in Rochester- tin roof sundae and the chocolate monster.

And Kemps isn't the only company recalling items. More than 400 types of peanut products have been pulled from store shelves.

The center of the deadly salmonella outbreak is in Blakely, Georgia at the Peanut Corporation of America plant.

All peanuts or peanut-related products manufactured at this plant are included in the recall, a recall that has spread far and wide. The plant was shut down after FDA and state inspectors found roaches, mold, a leaky roof and other problems. Georgia officials and the FDA say the company's own tests found evidence of salmonella twelve times. And by law, they never had to show those tests to inspectors.

"The FDA was not follwing this plant close enough," said Sarah Klein with the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

A list on the FDA's website shows which products have been recalled, and that list continues to grow.

Minnesota-based Kemps has added to that long list, adding 18 ice cream items.

"Several suppliers to our company purchased peanuts from that company and then used the in the manufacture of other ingredients used in ice cream. So with that second wave of the recall, we then recalled certain ice cream products made with peanuts from that facility," said Rachel Kyllo, spokesperson for Kemps Corporation.

Two flavors of the Kemps recalled ice cream-tin roof sundae and chocolate monster are made at Rochester's plant.

The FDA and the Justice Department have launched a criminal investigation into the Peanut Corporation of America investigating whether the company knew it was shipping out tainted products.

More than 500 people have gotten sick in the salmonella outbreak, which is linked to at least 8 deaths.

3 of those deaths were in Minnesota.

Senator Amy Klobuchar has written a letter to President Obama publically urging him to act to ensure food safety.


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