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By Fanna Haile-Selassie

It's the ultimate Superbowl party for one local man

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- Sunday night, sports fans had a front row seat to arguably the biggest sporting event of the year. And when there's a Superbowl, there are Superbowl parties.

Sunday night, one lucky local actually scored the ultimate prize, KTTC's Ultimate Superbowl Party.

"Every Superbowl from here on out may not reach this level. So, I feel pressured to either buy a home theater or buy Superbowl for all my friends every year from this point on," says party winner Butch Ullmann.

There are large, HD TV's on every wall of the Audio Video Planners showroom in Rochester and all of them are showing the Superbowl.

Ullmann won a prize out of more than 3,000 contestants to have 22 of his friends and family come over for the ultimate Superbowl party. He says the Superbowl party he was going to go to before this, wasn't going to be nearly as nice.

"No, probably not. We would have gone over to a friend's place. One of our friends that are here actually, they were going to have people over at their house, and we told them about this and we changed their plans.

"It wouldn't have been this elaborate, let's put it that way. But since we're here, we don't have to clean our house," says friend Chad Dewhirst.

They also don't have buy a bunch of snacks and beer for the game. All were provided. Hy-Vee, Michael's, Perkins and John Hardy's provided the food and Pepsi and Apollo provided beverages.

"This is definitely a lot cheaper," responds Dewhirst.

Many this year are thinking about saving money as new job cuts keep coming every week. The folks here say it's nice to have a break from the stress.

"People can kind of put their worries of life behind for just a couple of hours and watch, hopefully, what will be a good game and cheer on, maybe, their favorite team, and watch some really good movie previews," says Ullmann.

And at least this year, they'll be doing just that in style. The whole group is rooting for the Arizona Cardinals tonight. They say it's because the Steelers have already had their spotlight; they're going for the underdog.

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