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By Kerry Klatt

One classy snowmobile run

PLAINVIEW, MN (FOX 47) -- Saturday morning, in Plainview, nearly one hundred riders hit the wide-open trails for the 10th Annual Blister Run.

It's a unique event showcasing classic snowmobiles.

And they call it a Blister Run because of all the work that goes into restoring the rusty rides.

It's a blast from the past.

Organizer Frances Mueller says, "We just thought it'd be a real fun way to keep the old ones going!"

Some sleds couldn't last the entire run, "We got a few dead ones on the trail yet, still coming in," said Mueller.

In order to enter the run, sleds had to be at least 25 years old.

Some models dated as far back as the 1960's like the one 14-year old Aaron Dick rode.

A classic sled for a young boy, "Instead of a throttle up on the handle bars you have to run it by hand way down here," said Dick.

The young rider says he's just relieved he made it to the finish line, "It was kind of hard making it here because the choke would always stick, and you'd have to restart it again. I didn't think I'd make it, I tipped it over a couple times."

The organizers refer to their snowmobiles as blisters because of all the work they put into restoring them.

A few sleds died on the 40 minute ride, but organizer Brian Mueller says once a year, if you can get an old sled to start it's worth the hassle.

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