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By Crystal Oko

More layoffs at IBM

ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-TV) -- There were massive layoffs at one of Rochester's biggest employers today. According to an inside source 800 jobs were lost.

Pro-union group Alliance at IBM has a place where employees can remain anonymous, while spreading news about "resource actions" or layoffs to other IBM'ers via the web. Comments show just how frustrated some employees are about the most recent of layoffs.

One comment read: "Least one person per area in MFG, EF STG. Also, IBM hit a new low, folks schedule to work tomorrow, D2, are being called at home and laid off over the phone, a new low even by IBM standards. Route build team hit hard."

Another said: "I got my RA over the phone also. Manager didn't have the decency to say why I was chosen to get this, I had 32 years and he tried to tell me I couldn't have a retirement dinner because I was RA'd. HR had a different story and I got it, but it shows just how low IBM will go to try and save a buck."

"At least he won't have to be looking over his shoulder any more," said the wife of one long-time IBM worker.

And another laid-off employee tells us that everyone is rated against other employees on something called "Personal Business Commitment Levels." 1 for outstanding, 3 for needs improvement.

That employee said: "I had never gotten a 3, this was the first time in ten years, when I was called in and given my review and laid off. Years of service mean nothing."

According to an inside source, most of the cuts happened in the Systems and Technology group.

KTTC has been told many employees will have until February 26th to find another position within the company.

Some shared that they are considering posting for new jobs opening up soon at an IBM facility in Dubuque, Iowa, and then car-pooling to their jobs from homes in Rochester.

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