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By Kerry Klatt

Jump right in - the water's fine!

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CHATFIELD, MN (FOX 47) On another one of Minnesota's coldest days, would you take the polar plunge?

Saturday dozens, in fact, did show up for the 7th Annual Chatfield Chill Fest.

One on-looker said, "They're crazy!"

And cold...very, very cold!

"Yeah, this is Minnesota in its purest form," said another on-looker.

Saturday afternoon, Chill Fest got underway in Chatfield giving a new meaning to ice cold.

About 30 risk takers took the Polar Plunge while a dryer and warmer crowd cheered them on.

So how was the plunge?

"The water was great! But coming out was freezing," said one jumper.

Chatfield fire fighters were on hand to pull out the frozen winter die hards.

For some, taking the jump wasn't the hard part.

Chatfield high school student Jordyn Dudek says, "Getting out. Definitely because it's really hard because it hits your body and you can't really breathe or anything like that, and your legs are just numb."

Two Chatfield high school juniors say they come every year.

Dudek says, "We always just end up coming down to do it, we always think we're crazy but it's still really fun anyway."

First time polar plunger John O' Neill says it wasn't what he expected, "I got guilted into at work, and everybody who guilted me into it didn't show!"

After the cold wore off most of the plungers said they'd be back next year.

O'Neill says, "I'll probably do it again!"

Fire fighters say there wasn't even one report of frostbite.

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