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DTV Facts

ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-TV) - As of Wednesday, January 21st, there are only 27 days left until analog broadcasting comes to an end.

- In the early digital television sales, retailers were selling HD READY sets that did not have tuners installed.

- The KTTC-TV transmitter location is approximately 3 miles southeast of Grand Meadow and 4 miles northwest of Ostrander.

- You can obtain two $40 coupons to go toward two digital converter boxes as money becomes available within the DTV Converter Box Coupon Program.

- When getting an antenna, make sure you purchase a UHF/VHF antenna, not just a UHF antenna.

- For more DTV answers, go to the KTTC DTV page or call 1-888-DTV2009.  Antenna questions can be found at

- Dish Network and DirecTV should have already put all of this market's digital signals on their system.

On February 17th, we will be shutting off the analog channel 10 transmitter along with the current digital channel 36 transmitter.  We will turn on a new digital channel 10 transmitter.

- The KTTC translators located in Winona, La Crosse and Blue Earth will continue operating on their analog channels after February 17th and will be switched over to digital later this year.

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