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by Jennifer Hoff

Parking restrictions in downtown Rochester


ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC TV) -- Monday's messy winter weather can be a major headache when you're out driving.

It can also be just as much of a hassel if your car is in park.

NewsCenter's Jennifer Hoff is in downtown Rochester with more on a 'No Parking' warning for motorists still out and about

It means some spots in downtown are off limits so plows can clear the streets. And you have until midnight until the city can issue a ticket and a tow.

Rochester's streets are relatively quiet Monday night.

A good thing, because the city issued a snow emergency declaration - which means no parking in much of downtown.

It goes into affect at midnight, and lasts until eight a-m Tuesday.

Vehicles left overnight in spots with these signs will be ticketed and towed.

Andrew Hasted, motorist says, "I ended up parking somewhere where they were going to plow the lot, much like here tonight, and I didn't move it (my car) fast enough."

One location where parking is prohibited is on Broadway and 4th Street south to 6th Street south.

There are 17 other locations so plows can remove today's snow.

And if you don't get your vehicle out in time, an average tow will cost you about $75, another $30 for every day its left in the inpound lot.

Anyone reporting a missing vehicle should notify the Law Enforcement Center.

We have also posted a link to all 18 locations where parking is prohibited on our website.

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