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By Crystal Oko

Consumer trends change

ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-TV) -- As people pinch pennies in our struggling economy, there's one industry that's booming.

It's the mending industry. Local business owners say that boom has a lot to do with consumers, who are changing their ways.

Chris Bathke and Gus Pasalis are jacks of their trades. Trades, they say, are recession-proof.

"They do better when there is a recession because there is more demand to do mendings, repairs, replacements and re-sizing," said Gus Pasalis, owner of John's Tailor Shop.

For Pasalis, everyday work has changed since our economy slid into a recession.

"We have seen a lot of repairs coming in. A lot of jackets. A lot of zipper replacements. A lot of hand down clothes from family member to family member or friend to friend. And we need to resize them because they're not buying new ones. And that tells us that there's finally a recession that this city is effected," said Pasalis.

B & H Auto owner Chris Bathke says they've always been busy, that hasn't changed, but the type of work he's doing has.

"We've also been doing some major repairs on transmissions. Major repairs on differentials. Engine repairs. Just all kinds of things on vehicles that are in over 140 to 150 thousand miles," said Bathke.

Bathke says they're even doing repairs that are more than the value of the car.

"And it's amazing how many decide to go ahead and fix it rather than replacing it," said Bathke.

Proving that consumers are changing their ways with the changing times.

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