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By Fanna Haile-Selassie

Possible Vikings game black-out

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ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- Thousands of Viking fans were on edge around 3:30 Friday afternoon. That was the extension deadline the NFL gave the Vikings to sell out their play-off game, or else it would be blacked out.

Now fans have a new deadline.

As of Noon Thursday, the Vikings had 8,000 tickets left to sell. As of 3:30 Friday afternoon, they still had 3,100 tickets. But the NFL decided to give the team and fans another 24 hours to sell out the dome for Sunday's Wild Card play-off game.

"They'll sell out, but if they don't, hopefully Channel 9 in the cities will buy up the rest of the tickets," comments Buffalo Wild Wings owner Tom Graf.

"Definitely be disappointed. I mean, I haven't seen the Vikings in a play-off game in a few years," says Vikings fan Jamie Baudoin.

"I really am looking forward to it, and I hope it's not blacked out," answers another Vikings fan, Drew Loechler.

Many Viking fans wouldn't want any regular season game to be blacked out. In fact, the Vikings have not had a game blacked out since 1997. But this Sunday is the Wild Card play-off game against the Philadelphia Eagles, and it's their first playoff game since 2000. And according to NFL rules, every game needs to be sold out or else the game is blacked out.

"It seems like the Vikings always have trouble selling out their games. I just think it's with the record that they have and the coaching staff," says self-described hockey fan Wade Lenz.

"Why do you think tickets aren't selling?"

"I don't know, I think people are just kind of expecting a let down because the Eagles are really on a hot streak right now," answers Loechler.

As of 3:30 Friday, the team had 3,100 tickets left to sell. Your choices left are $80, $120, or $160. They can be higher depending where you get them.

"And how much are you willing to pay for a ticket?"

"I looked online and I had a couple of tickets for $320 if I wanted them and I wasn't quite willing to pay that," says Baudoin.


"I don't know, probably 35 bucks."

"I probably wouldn't pay more than $100, if I was a fan," answers non-Vikings fan Ryan Hollar.

If faithful fans don't sell out the dome the black out would include not only the Twin Cities, but secondary markets in the region as well, which includes many of the fans in our southeast viewing area.

It also includes satellite, cable and over-the-air systems, so nobody in the area could watch the game unless they're in attendance at the Metrodome.

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